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International Parental Kidnapping Is Child Abuse

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On August 2, 2010, Gabrielle Nicole Dahm, Gabby, was KIDNAPPED!
She was illegally taken from Florida, USA to the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East by her mother and grandparents, who are ALL WANTED by the F.B.I. and Interpol, and are hiding with baby Gabrielle Dahm in the U.A.E. Thank You for Your Help in Bringing Gabby Home!

  We want to graciously Thank the United Arab Emirates for ALL of their help and cooperation in Reuniting an American baby with her Father. The people of the United Arab Emirates are kind and generous, good people.

We Greatly Appreciate Your Kind Generosity.

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Gabrielle Nicole Dahm

On August 2, 2010, Leslie Delbecq, Christopher's ex-wife, Leslie,and Leslie's mother, Jeanine DeRiddere-Delbecq, with the help of Philippe Delbecq, Leslie's father, the Chief Training Pilot for Etihad Airways, based in the Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, took Gabrielle Dahm, Christopher's daughter, with three 1-way flights to Brussels, Belgium, and then they took a connecting flight to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, in the Middle East, where Christopher's ex-wifes's parents have been residing since 2005, due to the grandfather, Philippe Delbecq's job at Etihad Airways based in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. The kidnappers are Belgian, and used a Belgian passport to kidnap baby Gabby, which they somehow obtained without Christopher's knowledge. They violated a court order stating that Gabrielle Dahm may not leave Ft. Lauderdale, FL, or the United States for that matter.

Gabrielle Nicole Dahm is Christopher's life. Christopher Dahm had Gabrielle Dahm enrolled in a private school in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. It is the only school for 1 yr olds in Broward County, FL.
Christopher and Gabby were going swimming 2 times a day every morning and every evening. Gabby couldn’t swim yet, although they always have a lot of fun in the pool splashing around. Gabby loves bubbles! Gabby and her father would also attend the local “Mommy and Me and Daddy and Me” class every Thursday night at Amanda’s Place, and Gabby would always chase the bubbles in the room.
Gabrielle Nicole Dahm is Christopher's only child, and she means everything to him! Gabby is his world! Gabby had just learned to say “Da Da” before the kidnapping
     On August 2, 2010, Christopher's daughter, Gabrielle Nicole Dahm, was abducted by his ex-wife, Leslie Sheila Delbecq, her mother, Jeanine DeRiddere-Delbecq, and Leslie's father, Philippe Delbecq, the pilot for Etihad Airways. Although we cannot be sure, we believe Gabby to be hidden in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. When a Broward Circuit Court Judge denied Christopher's ex-wife's application to be permitted to move to the United Arab Emirates, she simply ignored United States law and kidnapped Gabby, with the help of her parents. A Florida state court has issued an order requiring Leslie Delbecq to return Gabrielle Dahm, and a Repatriation Order which requires Gabby be immediately surrendered by anyone who may be holding her, passports relinquished, and full custody placed with her father, Christopher Dahm. Since the kidnapping occured, ALL 3 kidnappers have been federally indicted on kidnapping charges. Leslie Delbecq, Philippe Delbecq, and Jeanine Deriddere are now ALL on Interpol's MOST WANTED list. You can check the Interpol website, and type in their names to see the WANTED posters. The KIDNAPPERS are now on the FBI's MOST WANTED list (you can view their WANTED posters at and click on Crimes Against Children) as well. If you have information regarding them, or their whereabouts, please contact Interpol or the F.B.I. The United States of America and the Department of Justice are currently requesting that the United Arab Emirates extradite ALL of the kidnappers back to the United States to face the charges kidnapping. We need your help of financial assistance to support the difficult international legal and investigative work to find Gabby, and enforce the orders entered here in the United States, and BRING GABBY HOME! Lawyers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. are very expensive. Thank you for donating today! THANK YOU, YOUR GENEROSITY AND SUPPORT ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED! Gabby's father, Christopher Dahm, is grateful that the governments and societies are all contributing to reunite Christopher with his daughter, Gabrielle Nicole Dahm. He dreams about her every night. Christopher is waiting to see Gabby and hold her in his arms again. Gabby has a great-grandfather who misses his first great-grandchild, a God-mother who greatly misses her God-daughter, a grandmother and grandfather who greatly miss their little princess, and many aunts, uncles, and cousins that miss their GABBY! Thank you for helping to bring Gabby HOME!!!
     With the irrevocable trust that Christopher's family and friends have been involved with, Under Federal Law, EVERY dollar that gets donated to the "Help Save Gabby Fund" gets used for lawyers in the United States and overseas (in Abu Dhabi), for every resource possible to help bring Gabby back to the United States, for Gabby's well-being, and to help reunited Gabrielle Nicole Dahm with her father, Christopher Dahm. ALL THE FUNDS GO STRICTLY TO THIS CAUSE.       
Now, Congressman Allen West has stepped forward , and is playing an active role in bringing Gabby back to the United States of America, where she belongs!
If you have always donated to charitable causes and believe in supporting those in need, if you donate to your church, societies, research groups, or charities, please add this noble cause to your list. " Christopher is very grateful for everything you give.... Christopher truly appreciates all of your help. Thank you in advance for your generous support and helping to reunited Christopher and his daughter, Gabrielle Dahm!
Patricia Apy has been retained from Paras, Apy, & Reiss, Red Bank, NJ, the same attorney who got the little boy, Sean Goldman, back from Brazil about 2 years or so ago. She is confident that we will Bring Gabby Home, though we need to get her to the United Arab Emirates, as well as hire legal counsel in the United Arab Emirates. GOD IS BRINGING GABBY HOME & YOUR HELP IS DOING IT!


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Thank you from a loving father and from all of Gabrielle's family

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